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Pepy Technologies is a Thanjavur-based value-driven Web Designing firm. We invent technology and bring concepts to life! We specialize in Business Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Redesign, eCommerce Web Development, CMS Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, and Reseller Web Hosting, among other things. Our client-centric strategy and devoted professional staff is process-oriented and provide clients with high-quality web solutions at a reasonable cost. We assist you in creating a digital footprint and making an impression on the web. Online shopping, sometimes known as 'e-shopping,' is a type of electronic commerce that allows customers to buy goods or services directly from a seller via the Internet using a computer browser. E-web-store, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web-shop, web-store, online store, online storefront, and virtual store are some of the other names for it. A shopping cart, similar to the American English phrase "shopping cart," is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to pick things for ultimate purchase. Using PHP, we design customized shopping cart sites. Magento is also used to construct shopping cart sites.

Responsive Web design is a concept that argues that design and development should adapt to the user's behavior and environment, taking into an account screen size, platform, and orientation. Flexible grids and layouts, pictures, and judicious use of CSS media queries are all part of the process. When a user transitions from a laptop to an iPad, the website should adapt to the new device's resolution, picture size, and scripting capabilities. In other words, the website should be equipped with technology that allows it to respond to the user's choices automatically. This would eliminate the need for each new item on the market to go through a separate design and development phase.

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